About Us

Founded by two step-brothers in 1999, Accolade started out with just one vehicle. Now, we’re one of the largest hauliers in the North-West and are proud to serve the blue chip companies of Accrington.
Since the turn of the millennium, we’ve expanded rapidly. We now maintain a diverse and dynamic fleet of over thirty vehicles. No matter the size, we’re always ready to take your booking.
Our prices are calculated using mileage software rather than odometers, so you only ever pay for the exact distance between the pick-up and drop-off points. Guaranteed.
We might offer first-class service, but we’re still a family business at heart. That filters down through everything we do. Many of our trucks are dedicated to family and friends, past and present.

Why Accolade?

At Accolade Logistics, we understand that a reliable distribution service for your goods is absolutely essential. It’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for, and to understand the service provided to you by your transport provider. With that in mind, we set to work creating the Accolade Guarantee – our promise to you. When you use our services, we will always provide the following things.


Getting your money's worth


You're in control


We've arrived


We're on the ball


Accurate and instant


Looking good

Whenever you use Accolade Logistics – whether we have quoted you a price or not – you can be sure that the price will be calculated by a formula that you are made aware of. All mileages are calculated fairly, according to computer mileage software rather than actual miles driven. This ensures that you never pay for any potential diversions that the driver may take. We’ll never hit you with any hidden costs; the price we quote you is the price that’ll appear on your invoice.
When you have booked a vehicle with us, it will always arrive at the agreed time and deliver your goods as requested. Our state-of-the-art Track-and-Trace systems mean we always know exactly where our trucks are, and, what’s more, we have access to live traffic data, so we can always work out the quickest route to you. Even if that route is a greater physical distance than previously agreed, the Accolade Guarantee means you will only ever pay for the original, shorter route.
When you request a vehicle for a direct delivery, we appreciate that the goods are usually urgent and important. We’ll do everything in our power to provide availability equal to demand. We guarantee that when you have booked the vehicle with us, it is dispatched immediately. When it’s not possible to provide an immediate service, you’ll be given an accurate collection/delivery time, so you can make an informed decision. If you need to seek alternative arrangements elsewhere, that’s fine. We’d rather do that than let you down.
If ever you need to obtain an estimated time of delivery or a progress report, all of our vehicles are equipped with hands-free systems, so we can always contact our drivers immediately upon your request. We can even inform you of the arrival time, signatory and time of departure via E-Mail. Our trucks are also fitted with track-and-trace so we’ve always got one eye on your delivery.
We understand that when we make a delivery on your behalf, we’re representing your company as much as we’re representing our own. That’s why our friendly, professional drivers will always deliver your goods in full uniform. Our entire fleet is also adorned with our company livery. It’s a lovely shade of blue.